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 Chipotle Chocolate™ 
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 Chipotle Chocolate™ 
 American Classic™ 
 Sweet Cider™ 

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Program Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized Capitol BBQ, LLC Retail - Store Pick-up Partner.  We will review this application and, if approved, provide you with secure wholesale account login information and official Capitol BBQ, LLC logo and product images for use in your marketing program.


All orders should be placed online at www.captiolbbq.com.  We accept Visa, MasterCard; American Express and Discover.  For customer service and to schedule store product promotion events please send an email to contact@capitolbbq.com or call (703) 665-0413.


Store Product Promotion Events – Capitol BBQ, LLC shall be responsible for providing all materials and staff required to sample stock items selected above in your store from time to time.


Store Online Order Pick-up* - You agree to allow Capitol BBQ, LLC to drop off online orders purchased at www.capitolbbq.com , other than your selected stock items above, on or around 12:00 PM (noon) Fridays.  You agree to confirm store pick-up by authorized person(s) by checking a government issued picture identification cards.


Minimum Product Inventory – You agree to keep a minimum of one (1) case of twelve (12) in your store inventory for each product you selected stock above.


Wholesale Account Login Information – Capitol BBQ, LLC will provide you with a unique username and password to place online orders for all stock items selected above to maintain minimum stocking levels.