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Join the Capitol BBQ Nation™

In 2008, three families from the Washington Metropolitan area joined together to share their passion for barbecue and to become THE local source for information, fresh ingredients, and top quality BBQ equipment and supplies.

Throughout history, the Virginia and greater Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area played a pivotal role in refining a uniquely American approach to cooking foods slowly over natural charcoal.  We know this method of cooking today as barbecue.  This method of cooking produced tender and succulent foods imbued with a natural smoke flavor.  Over time, this cooking technique spread across America and barbecue lovers in many regions of the country worked to define their unique regional style of “real barbecue” (e.g., Carolina, Memphis, Texas).   We want to work with you to define our region’s distinctive barbecue flavor.

 “Everyone loves authentic American BBQ, especially when you can enjoy it surrounded by friends and family with the smell of that sweet smoke coming from your very own BBQ pit,” said Jeff Koch, one of the Capitol BBQ partners.  “We want to build a local community that we call the Capitol BBQ Nation to focus on defining a distinctive barbecue identify for our region.”

After years of competing in local, regional and national barbecue competitions, another Capitol BBQ partner Kevin Walsh found a significant knowledge gap between amateur and professional BBQ cooks.  “I found it frustrating that the world of professional barbecue is shrouded in secrets preventing most of us from learning and enjoying the art of authentic American BBQ,” says Walsh.

Now, we at Capitol BBQ want to share our passion with you.  Visit us online and on Facebook to find the best products, recipes, fresh local ingredients, independent reviews and knowledge to help you define the Capitol BBQ Nation.  You can make a difference by joining this community – sign up for our free Newsletter today!

Your Local BBQ Shop Online

We did the research!  In our secure online BBQ Shop, you will find top-rated equipment and supplies such as lump charcoal and a variety of native smoking woods.  We also offer locally produced seasonings, sauces, and information on where to find the freshest local ingredients.

If you don’t see what you want, contact us and let us know how we can better serve you.  We are adding new information and products all the time so stop by online frequently and save our site as a bookmark in your Internet browser.


We want to share uncommon wisdom and knowledge that defines America’s BBQ Nation!  We have compiled a series of cooking demonstrations, tips and techniques to help you create our distinctive BBQ step-by-step.  Visit this section of our site frequently to view new videos, read about new developments and local BBQ news and access exclusive Capitol BBQ Nation cook plans that will help you make the most of your next barbecue.


We have some locally tested favorites that we would like to share with you!  Our recipe box includes everything you need to plan and deliver a distinctive Capitol BBQ meal.  Do you think you have a recipe that is worthy of being part of the Capitol BBQ Nation?  If so please contact us.


Need some help with the cooking?  Let us prepare the BBQ for you.  We have catering packages perfect for modest gatherings or larger parties.   Order some succulent pulled pork, plump and juicy chicken or mouthwatering ribs for your Capitol BBQ Nation event today.  We provide the sides and dessert too!